Try a New Base With Me! Yarn Club

Try a New Base With Me! Yarn Club

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This is a subscription box that includes 1 skein (per quantity selected) shipped on the 15th of every month. You will be charged on the 1st of every month for that month's delivery. You will be paying for your first month at checkout, so if it is before the first of the month you will not be charged again on the 1st. There is NO signup fee and you may cancel at anytime. 

1 skein typically means 100g. However, because this is a subscription box for different bases, weight will vary. Yarns commonly packaged in 50g like high quality cashmere lace or mohair would fit this exception. Place a note at checkout if you are allergic to any fibers. *

If you would like multiple skeins shipped in one package, purchase multiple quantities of this club and they will ship together!

*Note I will stray from overly itchy bases, so if you have sensitive skin like me but no allergies, you don't need to leave a note.

Each package will also include a card with a write up of how the base dyed, unique characteristics it has, and what I think it would be good for (projects, styles, dye techniques, etc).

Colors will vary each month as well, and I will choose colors based on the unique properties of that month's base. For example, if I've selected a base with sparkle, I'm not going to busy up the skein with millions of speckles and hide the sparkle! Bases that display rich color well will likely get dyed with a deep rich color, and so on.


When I started dyeing yarn, it was all about color. But as I started experimenting more with color, I realized that sometimes the true value of a skein is in it’s fibers. It all works together - characteristics of the yarn makeup affect how certain colors or techniques are displayed, and paying attention to those details can yield some pretty cool results.

But if you’re a fiber artist of any kind, you’ve probably already experienced this in the way a type of yarn base shapes your knitted sweater or drapes your crocheted scarf. I’m sure you’ve also heard dyers talk about the different bases they offer and which ones you should choose for specific types of projects.

I have a couple different bases I offer, and they were each chosen for unique reasons, but I just can’t stop at 3 or 4 options! I’m dying (lol) to try all kinds of different blends and weights and if you want to too, let's do it together!

“Try a New Base With Me!” Yarn Club is a reoccurring subscription box where every month, I’ll pick a new yarn that I’ve been interested in, dye it up, and send it out to you. Some will be luxurious blends, like cashmere or silk, and some will have interesting construction like chain or single ply. One thing they won’t be - bases you’ve tried before (I mean, unless you’ve been at this maker thing a while).

Each month, I’ll start with selecting a few samples, and trying out some dye techniques. These will be bases I’ve never dyed before, so we will be on this journey together! When I send out the final skein, I’ll include a little write up of how I thought it dyed, any info on the unique properties it has, pros/cons, and how I think it will knit and crochet up.

This is club is perfect for new makers who have only tried wool or acrylic and want to learn more about what yarn can be made of and why different blends matter, it’s perfect for experienced knitters that understand those basic principals but want to try out bases they’ve never used, and its great for dyers who want to learn more about the process of testing new bases and advantages of using specific techniques for specific yarns!