Flamingo on Summer Blend

Flamingo on Summer Blend

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One quantity = one skein

Hand dyed yarn in a very breathable blend of cotton and linen fibers. This yarn will not feel as soft as its wool counterparts, but will feel extremely comfortable against your skin, as cotton and linen typically do! And the more you wash it, the softer it gets. You will be able to withstand the hot summer heat in a garment made of this yarn, and it will drape wonderfully.

Fingering weight
60% Cotton / 40% Linen
100 grams / 382 yards

These yarns are hand dyed in small batches. They may have small variations from skein to skein, as it is not guaranteed that you will get skeins from the same batch if you purchase multiple. As with any hand dyed yarn, I recommend alternating skeins every few rows in projects using multiple skeins. Some listings have photos of swatches or sample knits to showcase how the colorway knits up. Please note that skeins can vary and swatches may not perfectly represent the many varying colors and speckles in each skein. That is the beauty of hand dyed :).

I recommend hand washing this item separately from other garments in cold water.

This yarn is dyed with professional fiber reactive dyes and carefully washed. However, some color bleeding may still occur for the first couple washes. Some colors are more prone to bleeding than others. Plant based fibers have a tendency to bleed more than animal fibers, so be sure to wash your finished project in cold water.

Happy crafting!

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