Hey, it’s me Robyn! Welcome to my online home, where I’ll shower you with informational blog posts, yummy yarn photos, and fun - modern - knitting patterns! I started crocheting in back in high school for a very lousy (but smart?) reason… I absolutely LOVED television growing up and every time I’d jump on the couch, I’d grab my favorite snack first just to keep my hands busy. Unfortunately that snack was shelled sunflower seeds and by the end of a Netflix marathon, I would have exploding taste buds from all the salt. So I decided to occupy myself with a new hobby...and guess what? It totally worked! Now I get to keep watching my cheesy sci-fi/fantasy shows AND nix the sunflower seed addiction AND create something wonderful in the process.

Fast forward 6 years or so and my love of making has pushed me toward designing. When I’m designing something, it’s really important to me to get the colors right. It’s easy to disregard a cute pattern because the colors shown in the photos aren’t wearable or cohesive, and I started paying more attention to hand dyed yarn.

Fast forward 8 years or so and now I’m in love with dyeing! In February 2018, I went back to my Etsy shop where I used to sell little crochet creatures and relaunched with yarn and knitting patterns. *Now my tiny apartment is turned into a dyeing studio and back 3-4x a week.

All of was developed piece by piece during my 4 years in college. I’m so thankful I had that chance at college to learn both what my passions are, and what they are definitely not. Of course, I’m still learning! The following August, I moved for my big girl job from the cornfields of Indiana to the sand cliffs and crashing waves of San Diego, CA. I couldn’t be more excited to be here and I can’t wait to see what San Diego has in store for Taylor and I! If you’re in this area, pop a comment in the introduction post here. ;)

And finally, I couldn’t wrap this up without mentioning my fur balls. I have two huskies - siblings that came together when Taylor and I decided to foster and see if the dog life was for us. So, Paisley and Paxton are “failed fosters” if you will…and I’m so happy they are.

*Shout out to my boyfriend and roomie, Taylor, for being so supportive through all the frustration and messes!

If you’d like to chat or collaborate with me, please contact me at workplayknit@gmail.com or send me a message through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page under "Quick Links".