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In the fall of 2017, I started a new Instagram account dedicated to showcasing my knitting projects and anything else crafty I had lying around. Now that little Instagram handle has turned into a full fledged business! Instead of selling finished products, I now sell hand dyed yarns and knitting patterns. And now, after what seems like an eternity of planning, I finally launched my website! I can now deliver blog posts that focus on being helpful and informational, especially for those just entering the knitting community. I plan to move my products over here at some point, but for now you'll be redirected to my shop on Etsy.


Take a moment to say hello! Pop a comment down below introducing yourself and how you craft :)


Julia Draper

Link was broken in my email too, but I found the page! I think I met you at Yarn Social in Kansas City. Trish was recommending your cotton-linen blend to me since I can’t wear wool against my skin. However, I am hoping to knit a wool sweater someday that I can wear over a collared shirt. I really liked some of your colorways in the fingering-weight yarn, especially the autumn-orange and the cream color that had hints of yellow or pink? I would definitely be interested in ordering some later, once I have room in the budget for more yarn :)


Hi! The link from your welcome email is broken, but I found it (I think) – I found you last weekend, at the Yarning for You CA Yarn Company Day. I bought some of your ooak on DK Singles, and I’ve already cast on. I’m in love. I think they’re similar-ish to Foxhole, so I hope you keep that color forever! I need moooore!

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