Scrunchie, a Comeback Story

In addition with launching this website, I'm also publishing my newest pattern, "Scrunchie, a Comeback Story". It's a very straightforward design meant to be the perfect mini skein project. You just need 4 dpns, 20g of sock yarn, a hair tie, and a stitch marker - all of which fits comfortably inside a sandwich baggie so you can easily pull it out during car rides and in between meetings. Because its so small and compact, I've even been brave enough to work on it at the dog park (which is usually a muddy mess!).

If you're new to either sock knitting or knitting with double pointed needles, I'd definitely suggest working on something like this to practice. The final product is a scrunchie, so you don't need the perfect gauge or exact stitch count to make it look good. You won't be able to see small mistakes once its twisted up in your hair!

In the spirit of this new website, you can get the pattern for free! Head over here to join my email list and it will be sent to you right away.


Robyn wearing a pink hand-knit scrunchie

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