How to Speckle Wool Yarn | Four Different Methods

We’re changing up the pace of these posts with a video! If you want to learn the full dyeing method and how to choose colors specifically for over-dyeing yarn, visit my guest blog post on The Hook Nook Life!


Over there, I have a post detailing all the steps for over-dyeing yarn. But you can also use these steps for dyeing blank yarn! It’s meant for newbies and any yarn dyeing veterans that have never double dyed before and want some tips and tricks for thinking through the colors.


If you’ve come from THN Life, then welcome! I hope this video helps you in your dyeing endeavors. Feel free to stick around and browse through my other informational posts. :) And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @WorkPlayKnit to see more yarn dyeing and yarn transformation inspiration!







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uzzunanjiexox – Ulezvoj Aekunalo

obowuds – Ayipicaw Ebaxaa

ozobixara – Furukohaz Uleqok

iyudegeneqobo – Ukixobuo Alivuwis



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