How to Overdye Yarn - With Speckle Crazy Awesomeness

I started a video series!! Whoop, whoop! After like a million tries of recording and editing videos that now live in a secret vault containing hundreds of minutes of embarrassing takes and husky interruptions…

This video series is going to live on YouTube, so you can find the full videos there. Here in the “show notes”, I’ll guide you through what I did in the video, the full dye recipe, and helpful materials I have in my studio.

The four big steps to overdyeing are the same for dyeing - prep, dye, wash, and dry. If you’d like to read an in-depth explanation of each of these steps and some general tips and tricks for overdyeing, head over to my blog post hosted on the THN Life blog.

In this video, How to Overdye Yarn - With Speckle Crazy Awesomeness, I started with two skeins of yarn dyed in my “Cactus Flower” colorway. It was a colorway I created last fall featuring bright pops of bold colors, some browns and lighter colors, and some blank sections. Since I had two skeins of this colorway sitting in my shop for awhile, I decided to give them a facelift.

To bring out the blends of brown and vibrant color, I add more of both! I choose to only speckle color on, not pour liquid dye stock over it because I wanted complete control over where the color was applied. Speckles give me that complete control, so I avoided too much mixing of pink and green - which would’ve resulted in a very muddy final color. I used medium amounts of colors A, B, and C below. Then a large amount of color D.

Color A: Dharma Acid Dye 411 Deep Magenta

Color B: Dharma Acid Dye 441 - Peach Blush

Color C: Dharma Acid Dye 452 - Forest Green

Color D: Dharma Acid Dye 462 - Teddy Bear Brown

But medium amounts? What does that mean? When I record my recipes for repeatable colorways, I tend not to measure out speckles exactly. The color that speckles tend to give off depend more on how you apply them, and not the amount you use. So instead of measuring out the dye and limiting myself to using the exact amount I used in the last batch, I keep photos of what the yarn looked like in the pot so I can reference where I should apply the dye and focus more on the final product than the process. I’ve found that I have more consistency between batches this way. That said, you could probably equate a “medium” amount of speckles as 1/16 tsp per 600g of yarn in the color I’m using.

I purchase most of the heavier equipment I use in my studio from Webstaurant Store. The pan I’m using is a 6” deep full size, stainless steel induction pan from there.

I use induction pans because I’m also using an induction burner! I have single burners and double burners in my studio, and for this video I’m using a single burner. The full pan size is a little large for a single burner, but the table space in my particular setup for recording video worked better with a single burner. 

Some other helpful tools and equipment I have around my studio:

My mini strainer 

Magic erasers for cleaning pans 

This super intense pre-rinse faucet that for some reason is half the normal price on Amazon (compared to the manufacturers price)

A box fan for faster drying - why did it take me so long to get one?

Acrylic shelves for displaying all my dyes

Citric acid

Wool wash

Face masks (the ones I normally buy are currently out of stock, but anything N95 dust rated is good!)


I hope sharing this information saves you a little time looking for the best deals on dye supplies! Please comment any dye supplies you love and want to share that I haven’t listed or questions about anything else shown in my video.

Happy Dyeing,





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