13 Knitting FAILS

I decided to take a break from the more helpful posts to deliver you an entertaining BuzzFeed-inspired one!

Are you guys ready for this one-way trip down memory lane?

1. Getting so wrapped up in your TV show that you over-knit by 30 rows


2. Turning a 2ply yarn into a 3ply yarn (2ply wool + 1ply of your dog's fur that keeps finding its way into your project)


3. Running out of yarn during a long-tail cast on, forcing you to start over.


4. Owning every knitting needle size and length variation except the one you need for your next project.


5. Taking your project to the beach. (If you do this successfully, please tell me how in the comments!)


6. Tangles. All. of. the. tangles.


7. Accidentally following the pattern instructions for the next size up.


8. "OMG! When are you going to knit me something?!?" - literally every random acquaintance that knows you like to knit.


9. Buying yarn 10x faster than you can knit it. Arguably, this is not a fail ;)


10. Living near the equator but still wanting to use all the pretty wool yarn.


11. Finding yarn ends and stitch markers in the most remote corners of your house.


12. Choosing between chores and knitting.


13. Not writing down the pattern and telling yourself you'll remember it later.


Comment if you identify with any of these fails!

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